Thursday, 2 October 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Power principles, the Chik-V ordeal, and women on the job shape this week's conversation

"The Jamaican government is committed to gender equity and has put in place policies and legislation that foster greater participation of women in the country's economic life. Already the Jamaica Business Development Centre is reporting that more women are starting and operating businesses in Jamaica. A recent JBDC profile of 300 micro and SME's showed 51 percent to be female-owned and 49 percent as male-owned enterprises. It is important to also note that while working in many of the female-dominated areas, women earn less than their male counterparts, but their value-added contributions often drive the various sectors." PM Portia Simpson-Miller (pictured above with Scotia's Sylvia Chrominska) in her keynote address at a Sep. 30 International Monetary Fund seminar dubbed "Women, Work and the Jamaican Economy," staged at the Jamaica Conference Centre

"I don't know if anyone can break my world record. I really don't know who I can say can break [any of] the records. My greatest rival I would say is my teammate Yohan Blake because I see him train, and I see his potential. If he can also stay injury-free, he's going to be great. It was great competing with him, and I'm looking forward to his future." The World's Fastest Man, Jamaica's Usain Bolt, anticipating next year's World Champs season in a recent interview with Al Jazeera

"I think too many of our [dance creators] today are choreographing the same way. It's really hard to find different styles nowadays. But the talent is out there; people just need to dig deep and embrace our culture some more. I'm taking my little time. We get complaints every now and again about the kids wining too much, but that's part of who we are [as a people]. Some of the street stuff can go on the stage, but it's how you do it. It's all part of our Jamaican culture." Wolmer's Dance Troupe Artistic Director Barbara McDaniel reflecting on Jamaica's modern dance culture in a chat with TALLAWAH

"While I understand the concern and anxiety of Jamaicans over this new illness, I am worried that important messages [about the chikungunya virus] are being lost in the sea of misinformation that's been circulating."  Health minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson making a nationwide broadcast on the alarming spread of Chik-V across the island

"Having power is one of the truly great things in life, but how do you use it? For positive or negative? I want to use mine to bring hope and empowerment to people. I am all for power and influence, but I'm more interested in channelling it through the gospel so that we can bring about the change that we want to see."  October cover star Ryan Mark talking power and responsibility in an exclusive TALLAWAH interview

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