Friday, 17 October 2014

FAST TALKERS: This week's sound bytes starring Captain Horace Burrell, Dr. Carl Williams, Peter Bunting, and more

"There is need to reinforce the importance of the Treaty of Chaguaramas and the spirit of it in relation to freedom of movement. If Jamaica cannot have dignity given to its nationals who travel in the region, then there is a case for us to seriously consider whether this integration movement has outdone its time." Opposition spokesman on foreign affairs Edmund Bartlett in the wake of concerns raised about 13 Jamaicans being turned back from Trinidad & Tobago 

"I cannot overemphasize this any stronger: overmedicating is very, very dangerous. It is bad, wrong, just plain dangerous. There are several side effects that can occur from this dangerous practice, from ulcers, which can result in bleeding, vomitting to diarrhoea, which can lead to infections. It can even result in death because persons with underlying conditions, such as kidney problems can develop serious complications by overdosing on these types of medication."  President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Shane Alexis, issuing a warning to persons seeking treatment for their Chik-V symptoms 

"While we have improved the skills and capabilities of our officers to respond to such emergencies over the past years, the complex nature of today's emergencies has placed an even greater strain on our defence force to effectively carry out the duties assigned. We look forward to greater cooperation and collaboration with countries of the region through training and sharing of best practices that will enable us to build capacity in this critical area."  National Security minister Peter Bunting on the need for cooperation in the area of search and rescue operations, speaking at the 11th Conference of Defence Ministers of the Americas in Arequipa, Peru 

"If we are going to be a transparent and professional organization, we have to treat everyone, not just the men, equitably. We need to ensure that people are put in positions based on their abilities, and I see a lot of ability in the finer gender of this organization. In this force, we have some systemic barriers that prevent female officers from achieving their full potential and people are on the outside looking in." Commissioner of Police, Dr. Carl Williams, addressing last weekend's Police Officers' Association AGM in Montego Bay 

"People have been saying that we are our worst enemies because we should not have qualified for the World Cup in 1998. I say 'no.' I cannot agree with that. World Cup qualification is a competitive environment. No country has the right to continue to qualify for the World Cup. I think we are doing the best that we can."  JFF President Captain Horace Burrell responding to criticism over the Reggae Boyz' lacklustre results in international competition in recent years

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