Thursday, 23 October 2014

LIFE OF THE PARTY: Awardees and guests get 'Musgrave' merry at the IOJ

AUTHOR, AUTHOR: For some reason, this feels like a reunion of sorts: novelist and gold medal recipient Anthony Winkler sharing a rare photo-op with Dr. Kim Robinson-Walcott, author of 2006's incisive Out of Order! Anthony Winkler and White West Indian Writing. "Tony's achievements as an author are phenomenal," Robinson-Walcott dished to TALLAWAH, "therefore the gold is an appropriate acknowledgement of that." 

CLASS ACTS: Looking divine as ever in a form-fitting tangerine dress, Youth and Culture minister Lisa Hana was on hand to present the silver medals, while IOJ Council chair Ambassador Burchell Whiteman gave the welcome. 

DON DONOVAN: As Penthouse Records celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, it was only fitting that its pioneering founder, super-producer Donovan Germain (posing next to his citation), was honoured with a silver medal by the Institute. 

ICONIC MOMENT: One of TALLAWAH's favourites among Jamaica's art-world living legends, Petrona Morrison greets Custos Marigold Harding as she collects her long overdue gold Musgrave medal. 

LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE: Her list of accomplishments in the medical field reads like a chapter out of the Guinness Book of World Records. Dr. Celia Christie-Samuels, one of UWI Mona's most distinguished professors, lets out a hearty laugh as she accepts her gold medal and citation plaque from Custos Harding. 

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