Friday, 10 October 2014

MAKING A POINT: Wavell Hinds stands his ground; T.O.K at 15; PM Simpson-Miller on the Chik-V crisis, and more

"All of the members love music so much. There is no getting away from music. What we will continue to do is reinvent ourselves, so the future is not predictable for us at all. It is like an evolution. You don't know the end game, but you know you won't stop along the way." — T.O.K's Bay-C making reference to the band's journey to a new chapter after 15 years in the game

"What we are facing is significant periods whereby water could be scarce, and the Caribbean has been defined as [a region of] water-scarce countries. The Caribbean has got to get more aggressive in addressing these challenges." — Cole Engineering International's David Boyce speaking to journalists covering the 23rd Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association Conference on Tuesday on Paradise Island, The Bahamas 

"Just as the physical heart of the body pumps the life fluid into it, so does Jamaica in the Caribbean. You have produced many great minds, from Marcus Garvey to Bob Marley. And Minister Farrakhan chose the Caribbean and Jamaica because he feels he owes [the country] for helping to nurture his development into the man he is." — The Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad on leader Louis Farrakhan's planned arrival in the island next week for the Million Man March anniversary celebration at the National Arena 

"Ridding the country of mosquitoes which spread the Chik-V is not a fight which the Government can undertake by itself. While the Government is fully committed to doing everything it can to contain the spread of the virus and protect the population, our citizens have a responsibility and role to play." — Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller (at a media briefing) outlining details of her administration's national response mechanism to the chikungunya outbreak 

"There will be no resignation by any member of the current executive." — President of the West Indies Players' Association (WIPA), Wavell Hinds, standing his ground in the wake of a fall-out with Windies players currently on a tour of India

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