Monday, 17 November 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Which young Jamaican achiever do you admire the most?

In honour of our first-ever Youthquake Issue and Youth Month 2014, we asked a few of our favourite people to big up the outstanding young Jamaican they feel is only getting started on the path to greatness:

"I admire last year's Festival Queen winner Krystal Tomlinson because she has used her platform to assist the CDA and assist a lot of young people, but she's also a role model to a lot of young Jamaican women, especially through Nyammings and other events that she does. She brings across a fun and lively vibe to our culture, and I really appreciate that about her." — Anjell Bryan, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2014 and founder of Guardian Anjell Play and Learn

"There's a bunch of young actors who deserve recognition. I'm thinking about people like Shantol Jackson, Kevoy [Burton] and Akeem Mignott and Shanique [Brown]. I really admire those youngsters because of how they're working and are poised to become the future of Jamaica. And I'm very happy to know that the future is resting on some very tremendous talents." — Chris McFarlane, Thespy winner and star of Dream on Monkey Mountain

"I was just at the Tallawah competition, and I was very impressed with Maya Wilkinson [who won Best Production and Script for The Heist]. I think the level of maturity she brings to the craft and just the overall quality of her work is remarkable. I consider her the female Keiran King." — Dahlia Harris, playwright, producer and costar of this December's Ole Firestick, a romantic comedy 

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