Thursday, 20 November 2014

MADE IN JAMAICA: Revitalize and re-energize with Doctor Bird Herbals' life-saving remedies

MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE: Munroe, with some of the products from the line, which made its public debut at the recent Jamaica Wellness and Beauty Expo.

To hear Elizabeth Munroe recount the healing properties of "Inflam-Ease," one of the miracle workers among the newly launched Doctor Bird line of herbal formulas, is to be convinced it is the most effective remedy against ailments like the mighty chikungunya (Chik-V) virus. "It is an excellent formula for the joints and to boost immune power against the virus," the sales rep explains. "It comes with the guinea hen weed that is well-known to destroy the virus, as well as turmeric and basil and other natural anti-inflammatories."

In a nutshell, the Doctor Bird line, made up of nearly 20 products, is perfect for detoxing and recharging the human body. And, as the brochure attests, that's exactly what the estimable Dr. Heinz-Peter Becker had in mind when he set about concocting the all-natural Jamaican formulas that eventually took shape as a line of "safe and effective botanical medicines formulated with attention to documented research on the medicinal use of organic and wildcrafted herbs."

Among the batch of products, ideal for the health-conscious and holistic-minded, are Internal Formulas like the "Athletes Power Tonic," a secret of top Jamaican athletes to maximize energy and endurance and boost peak performance; the respiratory-aiding "Breathe Free"; and the mental acuity-improving "Forget-Me-Not."

Rejuvenate and energize yourself with "New U Detox and Cleanse", bolster the nervous system with "Stress Ease" and experience sustained weight management with "Pounds Away." Want to enjoy deep and restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed by daylight? Then "Sweet Dreams" is right up your alley.

Meanwhile, Doctor Bird's nearly ten Topical Formulas (AdZuki Facial Scrub and Wrinkle Free among them) promise to deliver the glowing skin of your youth or, as Dr. Becker so eloquently puts it, "facial rejuvenation." 

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