Saturday, 8 November 2014

MY TESTIMONY: Charmaine Limonius reflects on self-empowerment + Tony Young speaks on his longevity

RISE TO THE OCCASION: In the life of any performer worth his/her salt there comes a time when thoughts and feelings of self-doubt set in, and you have to muster the resolve to keep them at bay. Singer-songwriter Charmaine Limonius knows all about those moments. "I don't know if I'd call it self-doubt, but there are times as a performer when you worry that you're going to disappoint or I'm not going to be as good as I used to be, and I'm gonna let down my audience," admits the songstress, one of the principals behind Keesing Live and Alternative Music Limited. Rising above such instances, Limonius insists, takes courage and consciously choosing to release the fear and embrace your power. "Many times I'm shaking, but once I go out on that stage and start singing it's almost like a strength comes, and I definitely start to feel more confident. I deliver almost every time."

STAYING POWER: Any conversation about the most remarkable voices in Jamaica's media world must include the venerable Tony Young, who chalks up his longevity in the biz to good old-fashioned passion for what long turned out to be his life's calling. I think it's because I love what I'm doing. Sometimes I'll take a break and when you come back it seems like you're fresh again," insists Young, who is at present the General Manager for Programmes at KLAS/ESPN Sports. "So it's just a matter of keeping up to date with what's happening, enjoying what you're ding and trying to stay relevant." And when it comes to living in the moment as a man well into his 50s — and savouring the endless possibilities of what the future can hold? "I am comfortable with my life," says Young, who kick-started his career back in the eighties emceeing concerts at his church. "I have my challenges like other people, but you learn to live within your means and help out where you can. Making a difference always makes me happy." 

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