Monday, 3 November 2014

SCENE & HEARD: Out and About with Dr. Monika Lawrence, Orrin Scott-Stewart, J-Cee, Paulette Chevannes and more

SINGING SENSATIONS: Nov. 1, Kingston. Here's one cool way to form a super all-female gospel group: bring together five fresh-faced and vocally savvy young Christian ladies, fine-tune their harmonies and complete the package with stirring tunes (like "But God") and memorable concert appearances. Meet Divine HP, comprised of Cheryl Simpson, Janna Miller, Dahlia Miller, Kemika Panton and Jeneva Craig, who posed for TALLAWAH after opening the show and rocking the crowd at Judith Gayle's album launch at Keesing Avenue on Saturday.

TALL ORDER: Nov. 1, Kingston. One of the most stylish and talented young women working in contemporary reggae gospel, J-Cee put in a showstopping performance at Judith Gayle's album launch on Saturday night. Following her stint on stage, we spotted her heading backstage to take a five.

POWER OF TWO: Nov. 1, Kingston. Dr. Monika Lawrence (right) relishes any and every opportunity to pay tribute to her late mentor Prof. Rex Nettleford. Posing alongside co-presenter/panellist Dr. Maria Smith, Lawrence stood out among the friends and former colleagues who participated in "Two of a Mind," a symposium dedicated to the memory and dynamic legacies of Nettleford and Dr. Barry Chevannes, staged over the weekend by the Institute of Jamaica.

BY THE BOOK: Nov. 1, Kingston. During Saturday's leg of the two-day symposium, UWI lecturer Dr. Michael Barnett presented a copy of his book Rastafari in the New Millennium: A Rastafari Reader (Syracuse University Press), new in paperback, to Paulette Chevannes, widow of Dr. Barry Chevannes, whose research and writings on Rastafarianism and Jamaican culture have influenced countless present-day scholars, including Barnett.

WHAT WE HAVE: Nov. 2, Kingston. From the prolific pen of Actor Boy and Thespy-winning auteur David Tulloch comes the spiky marital drama Sins of the Flesh, which had its premiere over the weekend at the Green Gables Theatre. Centred on a young couple who find their once-blissful union subsumed by infidelity and corporate ambition, the plays stars Orrin Scott-Stewart (Paternal Instinct) and exciting newcomer Renee Williams — both pictured above — who swap lines with costars Belinda Reid and Michael 'Stringbeans' Nicholson. You can read TALLAWAH's full-length review of the show when it's posted this week. 

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