Wednesday, 31 December 2014

CULTURE VULTURE: Another Marley musical in the works + The music of Into The Woods + A sassy storyteller returns

BOOK: Sharon Leach's Love It When You Come, Hate It When You Go 
Few contemporary Jamaican writers can cook up a juicy, provocative plot as deftly as veteran short-story scribe Sharon Leach whose absorbing tales of jilted lovers and ambitious go-getters combine the bare-bones honesty and lyrical skill of a Terry McMillan with the wit and wisdom of Olive Senior. Almost seven years after thrilling devoted readers with her debut collection What You Can't Tell Him (Star Apple Press), Leach has returned to bookshelves and night-stands with Love It When (Peepal Tree), which offers us a second helping of her wised-up take on matters of the heart, the modern Jamaican woman, and what truly makes life worth living, among other ideas sure to provoke thought and get the pulse racing.

ALBUM: Disney's Into The Woods soundtrack satisfies 
Stephen Sondheim musicals are renowned for their captivating songs bring-them-to-their-feet ballads and deeply moving heart-tuggers. The magic-and-mystery masterpiece Into the Woods is certainly no exception, delivering some of the most popular tunes in not only the Sondheim repertoire but the Great Showtunes Songbook. With mega-talents like Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Johnny Depp doing the honours, the songs take on wondrous new life. Particularly repeat-worthy are Streep's emotional "Stay With Me" and the bombastic "The Last Midnight", Depp's seductive "Hello Little Girl" and, of course, the scene-setting title track that brings together the entire cast for an eargasmic dive into the realm of fairy-tale classics.

THEATRE: 'Marley' musical set for spring opening in Baltimore 
It's long been established that foreigners are as intrigued by Bob Marley's music and origin story as the rest of us. And the global theatre community is bringing his humble beginnings-to-global superstardom tale to audiences with increasing regularity. Most recently, the kiddie smash Three Little Birds delighted crowds in the Big Apple last year, and the Jamaica Junior Theatre Company is gearing up to unveil Nesta's Rock at the Philip Sherlock Centre in January. Now, news arrives that Marley, a brand-new show centred on the evolution of the late reggae superstar's life, is scheduled to open at a Baltimore theatre house in early 2015. But that's not the best part. Three young Jamaican actors plying their trade in the States namely David Heron, Ano Okera and Shayne Powell are rumoured to be attached to the cast. What's more, the production has reportedly secured the endorsement of Island Records' Chris Blackwell. "It is currently being workshopped," an impeccable theatre source informs TALLAWAH. "The Jamaican community is very excited about it." 

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