Monday, 22 December 2014

CURTAINS UP: Cast, crew and devoted fans welcome the return of Bashment Granny

 ALL OF US: It was a true family affair backstage, post-performance, as the actors and members of the technical crew snuggled up to share lens time.

We expected a huge turnout but nothing could have prepared us for the massive throng that flocked to the premiere of the long-awaited Bashment Granny 3, which played to a standing-room-only capacity crowd at the Green Gables Theatre on Cargill Avenue on Friday night. (The outdoor play area, we mean, not the interior theatre house.) It only goes to show how avidly fans have been anticipating the return of the hit roots series, featuring roles originated by Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey, Junior 'Half A Dog' Williams and Garfield 'Bad Bwoy Trevor' Reid. Fresh faces joining the crew this go-round include seasoned player Luke Ellington, sassy newcomer Monique Ellis and theatre royalty Terri Salmon. With explosive action and belly-busting laughs (Be on the look out for our full-length review!) Bashment Granny 3, to say the least, is riotous, rolling-in-the-aisles fun. Check out these scenes depicting castmates and 'Granny' devotees celebrating a swell evening at the theatre: 

STAND BY ME: Director Bunny Allen got a warm congratulatory hug from actress Deon Silvera, whose next show, the romantic comedy Ole Firestick,  opens in January at the Theatre Place.

MAN OF THE HOUR: Livewire comic Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey, who had the crowd in stitches all night, also shared a light moment with Silvera after the show.

HIS AND HERS: A renowned 'ladies man,' Garfield 'Bad Bwoy Trevor' Reid was a hit with the female patrons, including Sasha Mitchell, who sought him out for her close-up.

IT TAKES TWO: Playing a duo who share more than a boss-employee rapport in the production, Junior Williams and Monique Ellis exude a real-life affinity for each other off-stage.

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