Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DRAMA QUEENS: Five of the most outstanding leading ladies of 2014 (so far)

CLASS ACTS: Fierce leading ladies were not exactly in short supply this year, making their presence felt in everything from action-packed ensemble dramas to side-splittingly funny comedies and musical revues. Here's a round-up of some of our favourites, who could emerge later on as serious awards-season contenders: 

Working opposite fellow heavyweights Munair Zacca and Peter Heslop, the legendary actress famous for immortalizing Miss Zella on Lime Tree Lane made a commanding return to the spotlight in this fleet-footed romp, which tackled (among other big themes) greed and relationship dynamics. 

CAMILLE DAVIS in "Funny Kind A Love" 
Davis, right, channelled her inner vixen (with delicious results) to breathe full-bodied life into one of the year's most indelible portraits of retribution and regret Josephine in Patrick Brown's latest smash, which just wrapped its five-month at Centrestage. 

LEONIE FORBES in "For My Daughter" 
As a grandmother whose tragic past comes back to rock her family to the core, Forbes showed why today's rising stars worship at the throne of Miss Lee, rendering yet another master class in conviction and technique. Brava! 

EDEN GIBSON in "Venus" 
Last month, the critically laurelled Suzan-Lori Parks drama got a stellar mounting at the School of Drama, whose major highlight was Gibson's alternately sassy and soulful turn as the conflicted Venus Hottentot. Undoubtedly one of the year's star-making performances. 

RENEE WILLIAMS in "Sins of the Flesh" 
There's something to be said for an actress who hits the ball out of the park in her first major stage outing. Williams did just that in this David Tulloch scorcher at Green Gables, playing a cunning housewife whose no-good husband finally gets his comeuppance. From us, Williams gets a gold medal. 

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