Saturday, 21 February 2015

FIGURES OF SPEECH: Morgan Heritage, Owen Ellington, Carole Beckford, and more, sound off

"We always look forward to performing for our fans, and touring is the ultimate performing experience to us. Simply because we get to perform new material along with a catalogue for a different audience every night, all while augmenting the set, night in and night out, to fit a particular audience. These adjustments we make on the fly really epitomize our live show because the changes that occur in our live show on tour come out of nowhere and, most of all, when we least expect it."  Morgan Heritage bandmates announcing their Strictly Roots 2015 World Tour, scheduled to delight fans across the United States throughout April 

"Jampro has taken on, as part of its initiative and mandate to develop the film industry, to look at it from an exporting standpoint in what we call a Script-to-Screen Programme to initiate content developers to produce and present short films, features and documentaries during the five-day festival." Film Commissioner and Manager of Creative Industries at Jampro, Carole Beckford, outlining details (at a JIS think tank) concerning the inaugural Jamaica Film Festival, slated for July 7-11 in Kingston 

"The arts play an important [role] in our advancement and is a central part of development [and] a natural part of Jamaica's cultural dispensation. [It's] important to the development of critical thinking. We appreciate that this competition will not only promote a better appreciation for classical literature, but that it will assist students with sharpening their analytical skills, as well as in speaking to different audiences and understanding how to adapt works and information to suit varying contexts."  JNBS General Manager, Earl Jarrett, endorsing a 2015 project that will see nearly 20 Jamaican high schools vying for the opportunity to tour the UK in 2016 to showcase their Jamaican versions of Shakespearean plays 

"They used solid materials like old vehicles, old appliances, sand bags and propane gas cylinders, which were booby-trapped. They bought construction steel materials and chopped them up into small pieces to be used as shrapnel... Barricading close to 10,000 innocent civilians in a community with all those explosives, with tyres put in strategic positions all around the community and with the intent, it seems, to set them on fire and to set off explosives, there would be thousands of civilian lives at grave risk of being injured." Retired Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, testifying before the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry at the Jamaica Conference Centre, giving his account of the tragic 2010 police-military operations in Tivoli Gardens 

"The resolution was not taken, as it did not meet the legal requirements. However, given the nature of the situation, we took the decision to put the issue to the general membership. They then voted in support of the overturn, and we the leadership of the association will abide." Jamaica Cricket Association president, Billy Heaven, on the collapse of the JCA's initial plan to support Barbadian Joel Garner and not Jamaica's Dave Cameron for the WICB presidency 

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