Wednesday, 25 March 2015

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: LMH Publishing on the cutting edge + Kudos for Oedipus actors + Bolt to renew his Brazilian connection

THE LEGS HAVE IT: Brazil wants more Bolt. For the second year in a row, the World's Fastest Man has been invited to headline the Mano a Mano 100M sprint in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Incidentally, Rio is hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, where Bolt is hoping to create more history when he lines up for the sprint double and the sprint relay. Meanwhile, marking a repeat of last year's event, Bolt will compete against three other sprinters on the 100M track, at the Mano a Mano meet on April 19. Watch a clip HERE of the Jamaican sprinter's run at the 2014 staging. 

COSTUME DRAMA: Season after season, student actors at the Edna Manley College's School of Drama never fail to astonish with performances so committed and luminous that one can only conclude that the school's faculty is doing its job! This semester is no exception, with a trio of genial turns emerging from their first major production of the year, Sophocles' Oedipus the King, a fresh and solidly acted interpretation, helmed by Robert 'Bobby' Clarke (Princess Boonoonoonoos). Damornay Roye (as the titular king of Thebes), DuVaughn Burke (his tough-minded brother-in-law Creon) and a regal Joylene Alexander (as Teiresias the blind prophetess) are the standouts in a cast brimming with exceptional talent. Roye, in particular, is in splendid form, nailing the strength and steely stupor as an embattled monarch coming to terms with the inconvenient truth that uneasy lies the head that wears a crown and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

MAKING STRIDES: An air of crisp modernity courses through the offices of LMH Publishing these days, and this new mood is a reflection of the company's renewed vision of catering to their ever-expanding customer base as the swift shifts in literary technology keep everybody on their toes. "A lot of the focus right now is on e-books, and not just in publishing but in the book industry on a whole," reports the ever-enterprising Dawn Henry, who's been kept busy ushering the company into most vibrant yet increasingly challenging new era. "Book sales are down on a whole, so what we've been doing is tapping into all the new platforms that publishers are using to attract readers all over the world. So now our website is playing a major role where that is concerned. For the past few years, LMH has made significant strides in academic publishing, churning out a raft of educational texts for CXC students in particular, which Henry told TALLAWAH are being gobbled up by the schools across Jamaica. As for what's next, more educational stuff is in the pipeline, as well as new works by some of the company's most popular authors and at least two autobiographies from boldface Jamaican names, which she predicts will be flying off the shelves. "It's too early to give details," Henry said, doing her best to contain her glee, "but these are books that everybody will be talking about."

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