Saturday, 14 March 2015

FIGURES OF SPEECH: Kingsley Cooper previews CFW + Scarlett Beharie lauds Actor Boy + Dr. Peter Phillips talks facts and figures, and more

"In considering the issue of growth, it is important for me to emphasize that the problem does not relate to a short-term fix of essentially cyclical conditions. The fact is that we do not have an already-existing productive capacity, such that all we would need to correct are the effects of a short-term contraction in the market by spending more money to increase demand. On the contrary, Jamaica's experience of low growth has existed for a long time. Over the past four decades, growth has averaged less than one percent per annum." — Finance and Planning minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, talking facts and figures as he made his contribution to the Budget Debate in Parliament on Thursday

"Not only will the work of the region's best designers be on show, but everything we eat and drink. The expanded approach will be reflected in new partnerships with our best restaurants, bars, fashion purveyors, and all the lifestyle-related entities that will be encouraged to offer discounts and special rates." Pulse boss Kingsley Cooper promising a revolutionary lifestyle experience for Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW), now in its 15th year and slated for June 6-15 in Kingston

"Art for Life was something that was conceived because we wanted our girls and boys to not only learn music but to express themselves through creativity, dance, dub poetry and art. It takes away a lot of the post-traumatic stress and it gives them an opportunity to remove some of the things they are experiencing, while also developing their creativity and their talent."  Youth and Culture minister, Lisa Hanna, on the positives of the new arts-based initiative for youngsters, sponsored by the CHASE Fund to the tune of $5 million and is set to benefit wards of the Maxfield Park Children's Home and the Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre, among others

"This was our fourth staging, and I think it is the best year we've had so far, with 25 events across Kingston that have all been well-supported, with lots of participants. The response to what we are doing at the BIAJ has been overwhelming. We had our first Open Mic this year, and the feedback was tremendous, so we are hoping to expand it next year. We also got a lot of requests for the training of writers and how to help emerging writers get in a better position to market themselves and get their work the exposure it deserves." Kingston Book Festival chair, Kellie Magnus, giving an overview of the 2015 leg of the annual literary fest, which culminated last Saturday with a book fair at Devon House

"I am so proud of [the awards]. To have managed to be consistent and to stay relevant for so long, in spite of the challenges, is truly something to celebrate. The support from the actors and corporate Jamaica could be better, but it's still going strong. I'm happy that [Actor Boy] continues to recognize the efforts of the people in theatre who are doing excellent work." Outgoing president of the Jamaica Association of Dramatic Artists (JADA), Scarlett Beharie, paying tribute to the Actor Boy Awards, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year 

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