Saturday, 7 March 2015

FRESH TRACKS: Press play on these hot new singles ready for chart action

"No Point to Prove"
The Anguilla native turned reggae rising star comes out blazing on this uplifting, groovy debut single that gets a memorable cameo from the Morgan Heritage frontman who helps transform this tune about making moves and setting trends into a solid, wised-up anthem about rising above negativity. [A-]. Take a listen.

"I'm A Big Deal"
The soulful pint-sized crooner, who has become synonymous with tunefully appealing chart-toppers about making friendships and finding and keeping the right girl, offers a lesson in self-empowerment and self-worth on this melodic track that wins you over with its infectious beat and a catchy hook that lingers. [B+]. Take a listen.

"Original Daddy"
Few of today's dancehall headliners can move seamlessly between deejaying and singing as expertly as the Sherlock megastar whose vocals - and timeless message of role-model parenting - strike a chord and demand repeated listens. [B+]. Take a listen.

"Mama Love"
The rhyming veteran slows down and shows some artistic versatility on this heartfelt dedication to the woman who gave him life. With lyrics that connect and a sincerity that pulls you in, Kippo may well have crafted a future-classic jam for mama's boys everywhere. [B+]. Take a listen.

"Change This World"
Like his peers Jesse Royal and Chronixx, Kabaka's muci speaks to the positive social change needed to move modern society to higher ground. He stays true to form on this radio-ready single, buoyed by its universal message of hope and its call for society to produce future leaders who will stand for something and lead by example. [A-]. Take a listen.

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