Monday, 9 March 2015

MAN TALK: Jamaican brothers sound off on artistic craft, culture, and credibility

RANDY McLAREN on shaking up the performing arts:
"For me it's rewarding when you bring something fresh, something of value to the table. Something that people can appreciate and look forward to. I did some analysis of the industry to see what else was out there and where I would fit in. And I'm happy that I am now getting to do what I am passionate about. I am proud of the strides I am making, and what I have achieved so far. I have some new [spoken-word] pieces that I just completed, and my creative team and I are working on a special campaign for Child's Month, looking at child rights and children in conflict with the law. And, hopefully, I can put out a CD toward the end of this year."

OLIVER MAIR on Jamaica's literary scene du jour:
"I always felt that we needed something like a Kingston Book Festival, and now that it is a reality and doing so well, I would like to see more events like it being put on. I think that would boost book sales and offer encouragement to some of the publishers and writers who are currently struggling. What makes something like the [book fair] so appealing to me is the wide selection of books that are available and the many book-related activities that patrons can choose from. We definitely need a few more events likes these  and on a regular basis."

CHRIS McFARLANE on keeping the faith:
"As a working actor I don't have a role every season, and it can be a little depressing at times. But whenever I have the free time I use it to work on my craft and different aspects of performance. I practise everyday. I work on my talent, and what I come up with I put away in my memory bank for future reference. I'm always motivated by what I've already accomplished, and I'm also motivated by other people's work, as well. I get envious at times, but it's good envy. My peers are doing magnificent work, and you always want to be a part of anything that's magnificent."

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