Monday, 16 March 2015

PAGE BY PAGE: Author Hazel Campbell returns with Ash the Flash + Dennis Chung champions the art of healthy living

THE TOTAL PACKAGE: "My passion is finding out the best way to live well, and what I've proven is that if you want to maximize life you have to balance everything in it health, wealth and social life. So that's what this book is about," says financial analyst and healthy living enthusiast-turned-author Dennis Chung, launching the second edition of his self-published volume Achieving Life's Equilibrium: Balancing Health, Wealth and Happiness for Optimal Living at Saturday's National Health Fund Wellness Festival at the Hope Road-based Police Officers' Club.

The book, first published in 2009, is a compendium of the health-living wisdom Chung has accumulated over the years on his personal quest to give give greater consideration to his well-being and how improving his own lifestyle habits have reaped priceless benefits for him. "I went through some serious introspection," he admits, "and after some time I decided on three key things that I think everyone must balance for optimal living: proper health management, wealth creation and management and family support and networking. There's a lifestyle you have to adopt and there's a science to it."

Intent on spreading the word and sharing his experiences, especially with other Jamaican men Chung opted to sidestep the time-consuming publishing-house route and put out the book on his own terms. "When I self-publish, there is greater flexibility and it's much more convenient for me," explains the author who previously released Charting Jamaica's Economic and Social Development, about five years ago. "You have more control over your product that way. And the technology is there. You just have to make use of the technology." Achieving Life's Equilibrium is heading to a bookstore near you, but at the moment it's available solely via and other Web outlets.


IN THE FAST LANE: Young readers who've grown fond of Hazel Campbell's delightful and action-packed pageturners will be thrilled to learn that her latest effort, Ash the Flash, has just been released by Carlong Publishers. Working with co-writer Nattalie Gordon, a past student of her creative-writing class, Campbell spins the brisk, amusing tale of an astonishingly gifted boy athlete who accidentally finds out that he can sprint faster than everyone else. Among Ash's heroic exploits? Using his superhuman speed to help his school win a big championship. A master of the storytelling craft, Campbell says she finds that the writing life gets more sweetly challenging with the years. "I am constantly writing; always working on a new idea," Campbell tells TALLAWAH, greeting patrons at Carlong's booth at the recent Kingston Book Fair at Devon House, where Ash the Flash got a soft launch. "This one was a lot of fun, and I'm hoping that young boys especially get a chance to read it."

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