Wednesday, 29 April 2015

CHAT 'BOUT: Sound bytes of the week from Stephen Vasciannie, Usain Bolt, Garry Sinclair, and more

"I first competed in Ostrava in 2006 and always enjoy competing there, as the enthusiastic crowd always creates a good atmosphere. 2015 will be my seventh time to run the Golden Spike meeting and my third time to run the 200M. I hear the stadium has been renovated for this year's meet. I look forward to the race and coming back to run in the new stadium for the first time."  Sprint powerhouse Usain Bolt announcing his participation in the IAAF-endorsed Ostrava Golden Spike athletics meet in the Czech Republic, scheduled for May 26

"More channels are going to be discontinued going forward. We, along with the rest of the industry, are broadcasting for the public's benefit a number of channels that are technically unauthorized. And because we are the biggest player, we are working assiduously to broadcast only authorized channels. Obviously we cannot do that in a vacuum. From a competitive standpoint, whatever we as an industry decide we will discontinue as well."  Managing Director of the merged LIME and Columbus Communications (Flow), Garry Sinclair, on reviewing the company's operations following the removal of 19 channels from its cable TV network

"Violence against youth has noticeably been on the rise, and it is quite unfathomable that our children are seemingly targets for hooligans and this cannot continue. We need to give our children an avenue to grow and experience development instead of driving fear that they may be killed... Community parenting has a place in Jamaica's society, and as well-thinking residents, it is only fitting for us to look after each other's children as if they are our own."  UWI Mona-based Chancellor Hall issuing a statement on the weekend in the wake of recent heinous acts against children being reported in the press

"We should be prepared to analyze services and activities through racial perspectives. We all condemn racism, and are all parties to treaties banning racism, but we must take additional steps to ensure that facilities relating to education, health, politics, employment, economic advancement and life chances are opened up on the basis of equality to everyone."  Jamaica's Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Stephen Vasciannie, addressing the OAS last Wednesday on the vast number of unsung contributions made by persons of African descent

"Bob Marley is a huge inspiration in my life, and it's an overwhelming honour to be playing the legend in a new musical. I am so excited to be working with Kwame and an amazing cast and group of musicians, bringing the story of this pivotal moment in Marley's life to the stage."  Actor Mitchell Brunings on landing the coveted title role in Marley, set for its world premiere on May 6 at the Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland

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