Monday, 13 April 2015

MAN TALK: Luis Moreno hails Obama + David Tulloch salutes the Thespies + Pierre LeMaire explains his process

Furry Tales director Pierre LeMaire on the thrill of putting on a show: 
"The creative process of doing a children's theatre piece, or even a serious piece for that matter, usually starts with the script. It has to intrigue me; I have to be able to visualize it; let my imagination run wild. Otherwise, I don't touch it, because I don't feel connected to it. So I direct my projects based on that process. But when you're doing a children's play like [Furry Tales], the process gets started with me finding my inner child. For our generation of directors, people like myself and Eugene Williams, it's been very important to find the fun stuff in the work so as to connect with it before we more deeply analyze it. This one I liked because it's about encouraging kids to read. Kids today are more accustomed to living inside other people's imaginations, but it's just as important to create your own images." 

US Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis G. Moreno, on what made Obama's recent trip to Jamaica memorable for him: 
"One thing that President Obama did was show how in touch he was with the people of Jamaica and that was a feeling that was kind of mutual. You could see the mutual respect and affection between the president and the Jamaican people. I think it was an amazing thing to watch and certainly one of the most privileged things I have been able to participate in during my 30-something-odd year of diplomatic service." 

Writer-producer David Tulloch on why the Thespian Spirit Awards matter: 
"An award like the Thespy is definitely a source of encouragement to theatre practitioners like me, so we have to embrace it and help as much as we can to keep it alive. I believe having an alternative to the Actor Boy is important because different perspectives on quality of work and standards are very important, and whenever TALLAWAH does an assessment of my work or any other show I'm usually in agreement. So winning four awards this year, in addition to the three from last year, is definitely an honour. 2014 was extra special for me because it gave me the opportunity to work again with Leonie Forbes who, at age 77, continue to deliver first-class performances. She's in a class by herself. And for her to cop both the Actor Boy and the Thespy this year speaks for itself. I was honoured to be her director.

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