Friday, 15 May 2015

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: How Sharee Elise is keeping fit ― and building a dream career

THE NATURAL: "It's been a good journey so far," the actress notes. "I'm growing as a performer."

There is a certain pre-conceived notion that being a fair-skinned beauty with talent in the entertainment field guarantees you an easy pass, but Sharee Elise is quick to debunk that myth. 

"A lot of people seem to think that because I am brown-skinned and I have this image I get doors opened up easily for me, or I'm always getting a bligh, but I always let them know that it's never been like that. I have to put in the work like everybody else," the stunning singer-actress reflects, a hint of seriousness in her voice. "And then you have those women who believe that because you're a 'browning' rich me are constantly throwing themselves at you. I agree hat being fair-skinned does have its advantages, but my career has not been made easier because of it."

Truth be told, Sharee has grown accustomed to being judged on such shallow grounds, and it does bother her on occasion. "It does because it's like people are judging you based on how you look. It's like a constant reminder that for a lot of people beauty is only skin deep. It's sad when people judge you before they even meet you."

On the upside, Sharee has learnt to be comfortable in her own skin and embrace her 'high colour' as she builds a solid acting career that's taking her to the top. "I'm focused on carving my own path right now. Anything that I'm good at I'm working on being better at it. I'm working hard to be the best possible me and going toward the path I'm being guided to."

A healthy-living enthusiast who strives to keep her bod in excellent shape, Sharee swears by the physique-enhancing benefits of a good dance workout. "I have been blessed with a special gene that ensures that my body won't 'pop down', but dancing has really helped me maintain a great body," shares the star, who is a devotee of Herbal Life's tea and shake and hits the gym at least thrice weekly. She has her reasons. "April was my birth month, and I kinda overindulged a bit, so the gym has been crucial lately," she confesses, laughing.

But the hard work has certainly been paying off. When Sharee meets up with TALLAWAH one recent evening, looking cazh-cool in a light and sleeveless white to and a pair of flattering jeans, she boasts the energy, trim physique and dewy complexion of a schoolgirl. On stage she possesses the study stamina ideal for her award-nominated turn as classroom diva Sonya Lee in Saving Alligator High. "I have such a respect for her story," Sharee says of her iron-willed character, a passionate educator who returns to her alma mater to see about its transformation. "She's a champion for change."

Armed with her good health, peace of mind and a singing career on the side that's gradually coming up roses, the 30-something (and very single) entertainer is clearly having the time of her life. "It's been a good journey so far, and I like how I've been growing as a performer," Sharee reflects. "But I'm still the same girl in a lot of ways. I love to laugh. I love to play. I love having fun. You can't lose that." 

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