Saturday, 2 May 2015

MAN TALK: Andrew Brodber challenges the media + Ken Shaw says no to ganja + 'Paleface' on reconnecting with his roots

> Kenneth JP weighs in on the heated ganja debate:
"I think the call for ganja to be legalized in Jamaica is very premature. The whole thing has not been well thought out. There are still a lot of anomalies, and too much misunderstanding among the general populace. A lot of young people actually think they are now free to smoke [marijuana] as they please. So that brings us to the need for more public education campaigns and town-hall meetings to explain where things currently stand. Personally, I don't think marijuana should be legalized in Jamaica, because a lot of underage kids are going to have easy access to it. It's a bad drug, and I've seen first-hand the severely negative effects it has on people. I tried ganja when I was in college, and it had no major influence on my behaviour, but I still wouldn't recommend it to anybody."

> Comedy legend Tony 'Paleface' Hendricks on why there's no place like home:
"It's always good to be home to perform for the people, and getting to have your say about all that is going on now. Having been away for nearly 15 years in the UK I got to perform for persons in the Afro-Caribbean community, including some Jamaicans. But being back home is just different. Nothing compares to that feeling. You feel nervous, but it's good nerves. The last time I performed in Jamaica was around 2009 in Portmore. It was great fun. Florida is now my home base, but I chose Florida because of the nearness to Jamaica, and I can go back and forth without any hassle. And that's how my wife and I like it. We keep it moving."

> JCDC's Andrew Brodber calling for greater media attention for the arts in Jamaica:
"More than ever we should be seeing all the good things that are happening in the performing arts being highlighted by the Jamaican media. There are so many negative things being reported on on a daily basis, it's discouraging  and there are so many great things happening in the arts that are not being highlighted. For example, the National Finals that are currently going on. I feel there is more than enough here that would make for some interesting stories. What I'm saying is that the performing arts needs to be paid more attention. It's time for the local media to start highlighting some more of the good things that are happening in the country for a change."

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