Friday, 29 May 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Sights and scenes from the Talking Trees fiesta in Treasure Beach

THREE'S COMPANY: A dramatic reading of a new play is always in the mix at Talking Trees, and this year's selection, Devon (Fabian Thomas' gripping meditation on the father-son dynamic and the scourge of inner-city crime), was exclusively previewed by rising actors Jomo Dixon (right) and Daren Reid, seen here with festival co-organizer Janet Barrett

FRONT AND CENTRE: YA novelist Gwyneth Harold Davidson pulled triple duty at the fest this year, serving as chief organizer, programme co-ordinator and, to the delight of everyone, a presenter, reading a fictionalized account of the Paul Bogle story from her most recent book, Young Heroes of the Caribbean, which is being developed for radio.

READERS WELCOME: A peek inside the on-site bookshop, which carried a respectable assortment of West Indian titles, new and vintage, as well as used books (paperbacks and hardcover selections) priced from as low as $100. Everyone from Walcott and Selvon to Grisham and Cornwell.

TURNING PAGES: This female patron clearly found something to capture her gaze after spending some time browsing the bookstore. For $1000, you could take home a dozen or so almost-new novels.

MISS CLEAN: A vision in resplendent white, storyteller Amina Blackwood-Meeks greeted our lens moments after delivering one of the event's most entertaining readings two brisk and hilariously spun pieces about Mass Jabez and Likkle Miss Jing Bang, respectively, of which Jack Mandora himself would have approved.

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