Saturday, 9 May 2015

SHARP FOCUS: The art and business of filmmaking combined for inaugural J'ca Film Fest

ON THE REEL: Scenes from Ring Di Alarm, which provided a splendid showcase for a team of new-generation directors.

Jamaican filmmakers need all the support they can get, and this is a sobering fact that isn't lost on the team at the Jamaica Film Commission (under the auspices of Jampro), who are busy laying the groundwork for the Jamaica Film Festival, which is slated to take over city Kingston from July 7 to 11. 

Luckily for those filmmakers who will be taking part in this inaugural event, under the apt theme "Where Arts Meed Business", much of the focus will be centred on capacity building in the Jamaican film industry to strengthen the industry's marketability and profitability. 

While interacting with their peers and festival patrons, over the course of the five days, filmmakers will benefit from workshops, seminars and business meetings exploring a wide range of topics, including pitching, marketing, music, and the idea of the Caribbean as a formidable film destination. 

While the pitching workshop will focus on the value in making the right move at the right time, the marketing sessions will look at the best options for everything from branding to media attraction. What makes the regional film industry so unique, given its location within a 400-mile radius of 500 million people, will highlight the session dedicated to examining the Caribbean as an appealing film destination. 

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