Thursday, 7 May 2015

VIEWS & VOICES: The G2K's new era + The Food Awards at 17 + the Pantry Playhouse's timeless connection

> Best Dressed Chicken Ambassador Brian Lumley on why The Food Awards matter: 
"I think it's a phenomenal achievement. I don't know much about the history of the awards, but what I do know is that it's been doing amazing things for he food industry in Jamaica. I tip my hat off to the team at the Observer for helping to push cuisine forward and for helping struggling culinary entrepreneurs like myself to gain some recognition for our hard work. It's not easy; take my word for it. It's a tough time for restaurateurs in Jamaica, so we need all the support we can get. I think the attention is good for the food industry on a whole. Jamaicans are social people, and good food is always in demand. The Food Awards represents an excellent combination of the two." 

> Generation 2000 President Matthew Samuda on rising to the occasion: 
"The G2K is the most prolific youth-based organization in the Caribbean, and it is certainly an honour to be entrusted with guiding it through this period in our history. Under my stewardship, the organization will continue to be at the forefront of data-driven politics and use of technology in the discipline. The major focus of my presidency will be to increase the young voices on issue for the organization. For years the organization has been leader-centric, and for it to continue growing this has to change." 

> Caterer Juline James on life after the Pantry Playhouse: 
"I do miss [the theatre] because when it was in business and large crowds were coming through the gate on a nightly basis I would end up seeing a lot of my old friends, sometimes people I haven't seen in ages! And I think the public in general really misses the Pantry. I've been getting calls from people up to last week. A gentleman called asking what we have playing now, and when I told him that the theatre has been closed since last November he couldn't believe. Sometimes I have to refer people to the Little Theatre and Centrestage. It's just dawning on a lot of people that the theatre is closed for good. It's a lot different here now; the place is very quiet most of the time. But I'm happy to know that based on the calls we've been receiving the connection with the public is still there."

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