Wednesday, 24 June 2015

FRESH TRACKS: Get your summer started with these 5 radio-ready jams

“Make My Day”
Platinum Camp Records
Sharing an effortless camaraderie like brothers from another, this dynamic duo is poised to rule summer radio with their new instant smash that not only celebrates being in the kind of relationship that brightens your world and lifts you up but captures the ‘wow’ feeling of sharing it with The One. [A-] Take a listen.

“Favourite Boy”
Country Bus Riddim
From day one Miss Laughton has been the wide-eyed wonder girl reminding us through song that love conquers all. The seductive reggae-soul queen stays true to her trademark formula on this melodic jam that simply mesmerizes and has to be played more than a couple times. Trust. [A]. Take a listen.

“Only For You”
Country Bus Riddim
Nathaniel Hewitt’s growth as a singer-songwriter is nothing short of commendable. The evolution is till on in earnest and you can hear some of the awesome results on this latest release that features his passionate vocals and a delivery so captivating it stops you in your tracks. Natel is at home crooning about the affairs of the heart, and once again he connects with a tune that resonates. [B+] Take a listen.

“Make Love Under The Influence”
Mildew Riddim
Call him Mr. Satisfaction! The reggae-R&B star, whose October EP is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, makes like a Don Juan-gone-rogue on this hypnotic track, powered by a slick beat and lyrics straight from the Martin school of grown-folks’ business.[B+] Take a listen.

Ghetto Youths International
The most powerful – yet solemn and prayerful – anthem of the season, the newest offering from Third World finds the iconic band (boasting a few fresh faces) waxing philosophical about freedom and spirituality while giving their fans easily their most sublime record in recent years. That the track was produced by Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley is its own high recommendation. [A]. Take a listen.

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