Friday, 12 June 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Dr. Peter Phillips + Carole Beckford + Aston Cooke + Mark Golding + Anjell Bryan

"Since winning Miss Jamaica Festival Queen I've had a phenomenal year; very busy. You'd think that by December things would be winding down, but up to now it's been non-stop work, and I'm still enjoying every minute of it. The most fulfilling part has been my charity project, and the impact it has had on the lives of young Jamaicans in particular. For the future, I want to keep it going and hopefully go into coaching and the training of other young women for pageants like Miss Jamaica Festival Queen. I want to play my part in empowering Jamaican women."  Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2014, Anjell Bryan, reflecting on her year-long reign during a TALLAWAH interview this week

"What a lot of people seem to forget is that he's a great historian who has done extensive research on Jamaican culture. He is also a great archivist, and I'd love for him to record everything he has in his head and pass it on to the next generation. When he was our Minister of Culture that's what he known for: having important parts of our culture documented and preserved for future generations."  Chairman of the JCDC, Aston Cooke, on the remarkable national contributions of enduring icon Edward Seaga, who is the subject of a new documentary from the CPTC

"What I know is that opting out is not an option for us. It would be national suicide for us to withdraw from our obligations. We can always have discussions, as we do from time to time, about specific elements of our programme but, ultimately, abandonment of the programme would mean, first of all, that you would have access to credit drying up, our reserves would disappear in short order, even private investment would immediately spiral downwards." ― Jamaica's Finance & Planning Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, staunchly reiterating Jamaica's commitment to the IMF programme, in spite of challenges

"In light of the changes in the law, which has sought to basically decriminalize personal use (of marijuana), I would encourage employers to re-examine their policies on the issue and perhaps modernize their policies so that they don't treat this as a basis for excluding somebody from a job."  Justice Minister Mark Golding advising Jamaican employers to review their drug-testing policies to fall in line with new regulations

"While the city clamours for a film festival, what is also necessary are films, documentaries and TV series to be shown from the local film industry, along with regional and international inputs. Jamaica has largely been a location for filming, but with intermittent development of film products over the last few decades, the industry requires input from investors to support the creation of scripts worthy of the screen."  Film Commissioner Carole Beckford surveying the local film industry ahead of the inaugural Jamaica Film Festival, slated for July 7-11 in city Kingston

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