Friday, 19 June 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Glen Mills + Ed Bartlett + Albert Daley + Scean Barnswell + Cliff Hughes

"We have come this far because we have been driven and motivated by a deep sense of satisfaction and appreciation by the Jamaican people. They, the ordinary people of this potentially great country, are the reasons why we aggressively pursue the story no matter the odds stacked against us..... As we embark on the next decade of growth and development, only one thing is certain: change. But with change our principles and values will remain constant."  Nationwide CEO and media trailblazer Cliff Hughes reflecting on the company's 10th anniversary theme, "Victory through Challenges"

"If it was possible for every country in the NACAC region to put on events of this nature, it would be good because a large number of our athletes do not get the chance to compete at the Diamond League or World Challenge levels, and so the whole question of creating more meets within the region is of paramount importance."  Racers Track Club President and Head Coach, Glen Mills, on the genesis of the Racers Grand Prix athletics meet, tentatively scheduled for June 11, 2016

"I think we may need to start looking at identifying a new parish capital; there is not much we can do with May Pen. It's the same way Chapelton had outgrown itself and then [the capital] moved to May Pen. So maybe now is a good time to start looking at setting up a new parish capital. We need to look at expanding the town to the west or create a new town wherever possible."  Mayor of May Pen, Scean Barnswell, calling for the Clarendon capital to be relocated amidst rapid physical growth

"We believe that among the topics to be included have to be those that educate persons on what climate change is, to understand what causes climate change. And we also want students to understand the projected impacts of climate change based on how we have treated the environment. Most importantly, they need to know what they can do to mitigate against the effects." ― Albert Daley, head of the Climate Change Division at the environment ministry, on collaborating with the education ministry to introduce climate change studies in schools for the academic year commencing September 2015

"There is nothing more frustrating and counterproductive than bureaucratic red tape and other forms of procedural hindrances. Far too many Jamaicans in the Diaspora complain about the inconveniences and utter frustration they suffer in their attempts to give back to Jamaica. What sense does it make to frustrate philanthropy as opposed to encouraging and facilitating it?" ― Opposition spokesman on foreign affairs and foreign trade, Ed Bartlett, speaking at the official opening of the 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference at the Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay on Sunday

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