Monday, 29 June 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Sound bytes from Andrew Holness, Omar Holness, Asafa Powell, and more

“This is a new me. I’m just enjoying it. No big deal. Over the years I used to make it a big deal and put pressure on myself. Now I’m just going to relax and do what I have to do.” Sub-10 king Asafa Powell addressing his impressive form in 100M at the National Senior Trials in Kingston on the weekend 

“The rise of criminality in the Caribbean region, I would say, is inextricably linked to the increasing proliferation of small arms and light weapons, or firearms and its associated ammunition, resulting in higher mortality rates and increasing fear in the community. The detrimental impact of these arms propelled CARICOM to the top of global homicide statistics, while adversely impacting socio-economic development.”  Calixtus Joseph of the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security endorsing a call for the regional body to take a more proactive approach to the fight against crime 

“In my opinion the best players in the world have to play under pressure. If there is no pressure then the performance will be at its lowest. But I honestly don’t believe that there is too much pressure because I know that the selected players will go out there and do their utmost best.” Captain Omar Holness on the U-23 Reggae Boyz rising above challenges ahead of the CFU Olympic qualifiers 

“The public’s comments are not always informed by facts, and in the gap between the facts and what the detractors try to manipulate is a lot of room for mischief. We have heard some ridiculous figures being banded about cost. If I had that magnitude of funds I would be finished building a long time ago. Juliet and I often laugh to ourselves when we hear the things people speculate. If they only knew the hard work we put in.” Opposition Leader Andre Holness responding to flak over the home he and wife Juliet have been building for the past three years in upper St. Andrew 

“I believe universities overseas offer more comprehensive degree programmes with better internship opportunities. That’s the main reason I went with Versan, doing the SATs and applying for a university overseas. Additionally, I wanted to get new opportunities outside of Jamaica and experience new cultures. My daily motivation is finding out new things about the world.”  Campion College grad Romain Jones, Versan’s top SAT performer for 2015, who scored 2,220 points (out of a possible 2,400). He’ll be attending Columbia University in the upcoming academic year to pursue a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics

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