Saturday, 20 June 2015

THE BUZZ REPORT: Five News and Culture Stories We’re Talking About

CEDELLA’S MOMENT: As a fashion designer Cedella Marley’s Midas touch has consistently produced alternately edgy and elegant creations that light up the CFW runway – in addition to innovatively conceived gear for the Jamaican Summer Olympic team and the Reggae Girlz to step out in style. Among contemporary Caribbean designers of note, Cedella’s creative output seems to put her in a class of her own. That’s why it hardly came as a surprise that she was taped to receive the Master Caribbean Designer Award, presented by Pulse’s Kingsley Cooper, during Saturday’s leg of Caribbean Fashion Week inside the National Indoor Sports Centre, where Marley joined forces with sister Karen to present the Harambe collection, a sophisticated line in tribute to their mother Rita. “Coming back to [CFW] for another season was a must for her,” a source close to the Marley family tells TALLAWAH. “So for her to get this award was very special. She’s very honoured and we all know she deserves it.” 

MONEY WELL SPENT: The Government and Toyota Jamaica have signed an MOU to facilitate the purchase of 10 new ambulances to the tune of $83 million. For health minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson this is glorious news. “The procurement of these ambulances, while complementing several other activities, will assist to fill some of the existing gaps where transporting patients are concerned,” the health minister noted as he addressed the 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora conference in Montego Bay recently. “This is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen our health system to ensure that we can deal with not just the routine matters but also be in a position where we can effectively manage emergencies while delivering quality health services to Jamaica.” 

THE ‘QUEST’ CONTINUES: Few local TV shows captivated viewers as fiercely as NCB’s Capital Quest, which debuted with a relative bang last season. Aired on TV J, the entrepreneurship-based reality series saw a group of empowered young businessmen and women competing for $50 million in equity capital to take their business to the next level. The show’s mix of corporate high jinks and competitive energy proved a winning formula so, naturally, the producers are amped for the commencement of Season 2. Young Jamaican entrepreneurs with the will to win are being invited to send in applications for consideration. (See for details). Closing date for applications: June 28, 2015.

ALTHEA’S LIFE CLASS: When Althea Laing graced the cover of Essence back in the day, it changed the way the world saw Caribbean models. Decades later, the ageless beauty and style icon continues to draw waves of admiration for her regal poise and expertise on all things decorum. Now, she’s turning her attention to inspiring the next generation. Through her newly launched “Young and In Charge” 30-hour personal development workshops, the former international runway star is targeting tweens, teens and young adults (of both genders) to attend her life-changing sessions designed to help them step into their power and be better equipped to make meaningful contributions to society. The workshops are taking place in Mandeville and Kingston, commencing this month and running through the summer months of July and August. To register contact 788-6745; 

FAMILY TIES: Delivering the keynote address at the 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Montego Bay last Sunday, PM Portia Simpson-Miller re-emphasized the importance of wholesome family values in moving the country forward. “The importance of the support that Jamaicans overseas give to their families in times of need must never be underestimated. I know the sacrifices that you, the members of the Diaspora, endure at times to ensure that family members back home are assisted,” the prime minister noted. “As ambassadors of [Brand Jamaica] we must collectively protect the resources, standards and values that make Jamaica great in the eyes of the world.”

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