Wednesday, 3 June 2015

THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST: Hear these 5 radio-ready tracks we’re feeling right now

Shaggy and Tarrus Riley (feat. Sly & Robbie) 
Fresh off the King David soundtrack, this catchy and empowering anthem finds two of the most iconic voices in modern reggae joining forces with Missionaries of the Poor to issue a call-to-action in support of society’s poor and needy. Riley’s earnest vocals on the chorus easily complement Shaggy’s robust verses as they urge us to rise to higher moral ground. [A-] Take a listen. 

Stephen Marley feat. Bounty Killer and Cobra 
Fusing his signature roots-rock-reggae grooves with a sobering message, the hardworking musician spins a fascinating tale of inner-city hard knocks and innocence lost. Dancehall veterans Bounty Killer and Cobra are ideally cast to contribute hardcore verses in tune with the song’s gritty subject matter. [B+] Take a listen. 

With the release of his first solo EP, Public Relations, the seasoned crooner (brother of ace deejay Konshens) formally introduced his growing fanbase to a lush sound that fuses reggae and R&B-soul sensibilities. Delus holds nothing back on this emotional lead-off track that speaks to matters of the heart without the maudlin sentimentality. What to do after a sleeping with a broken heart? Pick up the pieces and keep it moving. [B] Take a listen. 

Deep Jahi 
A smooth and melodic highlight off 2015’s Take Time Riddim, this wised-up tune, as its title suggests, is about embracing one’s inner power. At the same time, it offers the reggae newcomer a solid showcase of his writing and vocal abilities. When the going gets tough, he reminds us, it’s worth remembering that we were born to do the impossible. [B] Take a listen. 

Jimmy Cliff 
The Grammy-winning legend has built an internationally acclaimed body of work around matters of conscience and the heart and mind concerns he has for humankind. His latest single, a sublime tribute to the future generations that hits close to home, could very well be the theme song for his Jimmy Cliff Foundation, which has just embarked on a national #SaveOurChildren campaign, adding its voice to the public outcry. [B+] Take a listen.

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