Thursday, 23 July 2015

CHAT ‘BOUT: Dr. Angella Brown-Burke + Michael Dyke + Owen Arthur + Usain Bolt + Miguel Coley

“These guys are dreaming big now, and the opportunity is there to win. And if they don’t take it, they would be disappointed and Jamaica would be disappointed. But mentally we have to be really focused and ready. We back ourselves 100 percent that we can win. We just have to be tactically astute and very disciplined on the field.”  Reggae Boyz’ assistant coach Miguel Coley on the team’s chances of winning the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup 

“When I really realized I was getting older was last season when I got injured. Trying to get back was much harder than the years when I was younger. Now it takes time to get going, and I need a lot more races. I’ve noticed that I have to be very careful, and I just have to be aware of everything around me and make sure I’m on point.”  Jamaican track superstar Usain Bolt in an interview this week with the IAAF Inside Athletics programme about prolonging his sprinting career 

“Michael Manley will go down as the person who tried to carry Jamaica in one direction, representing that he has made some fundamental mistakes and was big enough to say so. It takes a whole lot of man to do that, especially if you live as a politician out in full glare of public life.” ― Former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur addressing a Gleaner’s Editors’ Forum in Kingston last week 

“Naturally we would have been disappointed knowing we only garnered one medal. But when you look at the level of competition here, it would have been extremely difficult based on this high standard that we have been experiencing, and with the [unsatisfactory] level of preparation of our athletes especially after the Boys and Girls Championships." ― Michael Dyke, head coach of Jamaica’s contingent to the 2015 IAAF World Youth Champs, citing lack of preparation for the team’s dismal performance at the championships 

“And even as global and economic development tops the agenda we are mindful of our symbiotic relationship with the environment. Jamaica’s climate sensitivity and climate vulnerability make long-term climate change a developmental issue that must be given serious and urgent consideration now.”  Mayor of Kingston, Dr. Angella Brown-Burke, in a release prior to participating in a workshop on climate change and modern slavery this week at the Casina Pio IV in Vatican City

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