Wednesday, 8 July 2015

ON THE RADAR: RJR set to raise the bar after 65 years of sterling service

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: After six-and-a-half decades and counting, media powerhouse the RJR Communications Group doesn’t intend to rest on its laurels. In fact, according to the group’s chairman J. Lester Spaulding, who’s been with the RJR family for at least half-a-century, the aim is to continue embracing change as it comes and evolve with the times. “We intend to keep pace with the modern media environment, to ensure that Brand Jamaica, our own culture, personalities, ideas and priorities continue to be available globally, in spite of the juggernaut it is amid in the modern global media produced in key foreign countries and the capitals of the world,” Spaulding noted while addressing the group’s anniversary church service this past Sunday at the St. Andrew Parish Church, which marks its 350th anniversary this year. “We don’t fully understand where this power will lead us, but I know the RJR intends to stride to secure for Jamaica a role in this movement to provide our nation with information that will allow us to preserve a democratic and just society, and for the global world to see our efforts.” 

ISLAND PRIDE: A special and exciting feature of this year’s Emancipendence celebrations is a JCDC-run competition targeting local businesses and offices to vie for the national award of “Best Decorated Business/Office.” Participating entities are being encouraged to decorate as a liberally as possible with props and material celebrating the 2015 theme of ‘Proud and Free: Jamaica 53’, drawing the attention of the public. Though the theme is open to interpretation, ideal options for decoration include the bandana, denim, national colours and company colours. Photographs are to be submitted by July 31 to They will be judged on a criteria of neatness, creativity, appeal and adherence to the national theme. In addition to the award, the business or office that tops the competition will receive 10 season passes to Festival 2016 and wide-reaching publicity. 

PRIZES & SURPRISES: Festival 2015 got off to a solid start at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre last Saturday evening, as the best of the best in this year’s National Festival Song Competition were honoured with prizes for their outstanding entries. Manchester’s own Lee-Roy ‘Ancient Priest’ Johnson snagged the most prestigious awards of the night, but he wasn’t the only one who went home with something shiny to remember the night by. 
*The Online Voters’ Award: Marsha-Marie Campbell, “Inna Jamdown” 
*3rd Place finisher: Princess Black, “Sweet Festival Sound” 
*2nd Place finisher: Nazzle Man, “Likkle but Wi Tallawah” 
*Best Performer: Ancient Priest, “Celebration Time” 
*2015 Champion: Ancient Priest, “Celebration Time”

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