Tuesday, 28 July 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Kevin Downswell and friends gather for book launch and praise party

His empowering and deeply felt lyrics have a way of pulling worshippers together like bees to honey, so it wasn’t at all surprising to see the hundreds-strong numbers flock to 5 Keesing Avenue on Saturday evening to show Kevin Downswell some support as the celebrated gospel minister launched his new book, The Search Continues, and headlined a live concert immediately after, featuring guest appearances by fellow Christian soldiers D-Murphy, Omari and the On The Shout band. (Also spotted in the mix: Henley Morgan, Jermaine Edwards and songstress Cherine.) Published in Kingston by Minna Press, The Search Continues shares the context, motivations and inspirations behind some of the singer-songwriter’s most memorable praise-and-worship anthems, as well as candid reflections on his journey so far. It’s a 98-page must-read if the word-of-mouth reviews are anything to go by. Below, TALLAWAH shares a few faces-in-the-crowd moments from Saturday’s well-attended event: 

GUIDING LIGHTS: Long known for their encouragement of young gospel talents, Glory Music’s Tommy Cowan and Carlene Davis were happy to share a photo-op with the industry’s man of the moment. 

WONDER WOMEN: Fresh-faced beauty and television hostess Kerie ‘Kiki’ Thombs (left), who served as emcee at the book launch, bonded with Carlene Davis

TWO OF A KIND: The dynamic Nadine Blair (right), pictured here with friend Adriana, was also in attendance, repping the family station Love FM, one of the media sponsors of the event. 

PERSONAL TOUCH: The lines grew longer by the minute, but KD showed some stamina as he signed dozens of copies of his book for patrons, with his doting wife, Marsha, by his side. 

ON THE SPOT: It was all Marsha’s idea, of course, to surprise her hubby with a belated birthday cake as he wrapped up his performance on the main stage, much to the delight of the crowd.

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