Friday, 3 July 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Sound bytes from Usain Bolt, Jacqueline Sharpe, Christopher Tufton, Patria-Kaye Aarons, and the UWI

“I am ready and willing to serve the people of West Central St. Catherine and Jamaica on a JLP ticket, but it is important that the process that allows one that opportunity be fair and transparent and free from fear, otherwise, all of us, including the JLP, will suffer reputational damage….. And we should not have to go to courthouse to get transparency and accountability because that would suggest that we can’t manage our own affairs.”  Former government minister Christopher Tufton addressing JLP supporters at Point Hill All Age in West Central, St. Catherine, a constituency he is vying to represent 

“Quality is crucial. Jamaican manufacturers need to realize it’s them against the world. Not only are our products competing with similar ones from Caricom, but there is also competition from the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Whatever you hope to export has to stand up to those competitors.”  Sweetie Confectionary proprietor-turned-exporter Patria-Kaye Aarons, imparting sage advice to emerging Jamaican business owners 

“Where we can do more is have greater focus on our customers, helping them be financially better off; getting better at the advice that we give them. Ad we can do a lot better in telling customers how to reduce fees because there are ways and means of doing [that]. The quality of advice that we want to give and the way we deliver advice and solutions, making it more convenient for the customer, is something that we want to try to instil and add even greater focus within our culture.”  Scotiabank Group President & CEO Jacqueline Sharp outlining ongoing efforts to make the organization more customer-related 

“I’m disappointed not to be able to compete in Paris and Lausanne. I love running at those meets, but at the moment I am unable to compete at 100%. I look forward to getting back into full training as soon as possible.”  Jamaican Olympic champ Usain Bolt explaining his withdrawal from upcoming Diamond League meets, due to a blocked joint diagnosed by his Munich-based doctor 

“Rita Marley continues to make invaluable contributions to the Jamaican music industry as singer, producer, performer and entrepreneur. She has built a globally recognized empire with members of the Marley family and, by extension, the spread and reach of Brand Jamaica as a related and intertwined category.”  The University of the West Indies announcing Rita Marley’s inclusion in the list of 21 Caribbean nationals who will receive honorary doctorates from the university at this year’s graduation exercise

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