Saturday, 29 August 2015

CHAT ’BOUT: Sound bytes from Aloun Assamba, Dr. Peter Phillips, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, and more

“I’m sure that it was a characteristic determination to win and a commitment to uplift Jamaica, which carried him through the challenges of the past year and the hurdles he faced in Beijing on his way to victory. These are qualities which gave him the confidence to fearlessly take on the world and win again, days after celebrating his 29th birthday.”  The JLP’s Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange in a statement this week, following Usain Bolt’s sizzling 19.55 seconds run to nab the 200M gold medal at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Beijing, China. 

“Jamaica’s contribution to the Fund was 15,000. However, Jamaica stands to benefit from more than 2 million in funding for a range of programmes and projects that support the development of youth entrepreneurship, youth in agriculture, and crime reduction in both rural and urban areas.”  Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the UK, Aloun Assamba, responding to news that Jamaican charities stand to benefit significantly from the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust 

“Too often what has happened over many years is that we bought the illusion of instantaneous solutions, which have resulted in a worsening of our fiscal accounts….. So, despite the fact that even the blind can see that Elections are on the horizon, we will not be engaging in any reckless spending simply to satisfy a set of short-term needs.”  Finance & Planning minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, addressing a press conference at the ministry’s Heroes Circle-based offices recently 

“I don’t think that people understand what [the Sunshine Girls] are up against when they go out there to play against these giants. They [Australia, New Zealand and England] are not only giants in terms of play but their size and the whole operations that they lead. Australia has a company of 150 employees, England has more than that and New Zealand about 60. We are still number four in the world and that’s some achievement for a team sport in Jamaica.”  IFNA boss Molly Rhone praising the senior Sunshine Girls for their efforts in Sydney, at a Scotiabank-hosted welcome-home ceremony in Kingston on Wednesday 

“I think it will be a better Yohan Blake in the sense that he is more mature after what he has been through. I think he totally understands. He had a lot of success at a young age and maybe people expected a lot from him. Though he delivered, these athletes do get hurt at some point in their career. But he is matured now and totally understands what it takes to get back. I’ve never met an athlete in my 40 years with his drive and we will certainly see him back to his best soon.”  Cubie Seegobin, manager of sprinter Yohan Blake, telling a reporter why the best is yet to come from the 2011 World 100M champion

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