Thursday, 20 August 2015

CHAT ’BOUT: Sound bytes from Joan Gordon-Webley, Dr. Warren Blake, Ambassador Burchell Whiteman, and more

“Beijing is where our recent successes in track and field started. I know the foundations were laid long ago, but we really burst onto the world scene in a really strong way in 2008. So we have been looking forward to coming back to Beijing, and we expect good results as we did in 2008. One of the thrusts of this administration has been to broaden the scope of participation in these events, and I am quite happy to see that, especially in the field events, where we have placed a great deal of effort, that we have had significant successes.” – JAAA President, Dr. Warren Blake, waxing optimistic about Team Jamaica’s return to the Bird’s Nest Stadium for the 15th IAAF World Athletics Championships this weekend

“We need to work on our concentration level because we are not concentrating right through a 60-minute match. When I went into the national programme I was going to work on concentration and the shooting especially, but I only spent three weeks. But if we had worked on those areas, we would have beaten them (the big teams). – Veteran netball coach Winston Nevers reflecting on the Sunshine Girls’ performance at the Netball World Cup in Sydney, Australia, where they finished fourth. 

“The players decided that they are now privileged young men and came through humble beginnings, so they want to give to others who seek to emulate them. Before we played against Mexico in the Gold Cup Final, the Special Olympics was all over the media, so we decided to contribute to these youngsters. The players will also be contributing funds to other organizations from money gained during the upcoming World Cup qualification games, starting next month.” – Reggae Boyz senior team manager, Roy Simpson, following a recent JFF-hosted presentation of $250,000 (in total) to three local organizations – the Glenhope Nursery, the Manning’s Boys Home, and Jamaica Special Olympics. 

“My hope is that as we go forward, there will be a more dynamic collaboration between the three critical universities in this country, bringing together a body of expertise in research and wisdom that can undergo training and preparation skills that will carry this country forward….. It is not enough to simply provide degrees that have value, but it is important that we become a place to which people look for the drive to build the economy and make the country a place of choice.” – Parting words from Ambassador Burchell Whiteman, who is demitting office this summer as President of the University of Technology (UTech) 

“The people of Jamaica have accepted the PNP more than the JLP. It turns me on that I will have a voice in a party and it won’t be ‘No dog bark after the leader talk.’ In the JLP that is how it is. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore.” – Former Executive Director of the NSWMA, Joan Gordon-Webley, whose application for membership to the ruling People’s National Party has stirred controversy

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