Friday, 25 September 2015

CHAT ‘BOUT: Some of our favourite stars confess their secret ambitions

WHAT's your dream career? In honour of our 2015 Work & Careers Issue, we asked a few popular personalities to talk about the career paths they’d be pursuing in a perfect world. Here’s what they shared:

SHENNA CARBY, Mission Catwalk Season 1 winner and Season 5 (the All Stars Edition) contestant
“When I was younger, I wanted to become a bio-engineer because one of my dreams was to make artificial hearts and kidneys for people I used to hear about on the news. I wanted to combine doing what I love with helping other people at the same time. But that didn’t happen for me because the financing didn’t work out. I got into fashion designing because I decided to get creative instead. I found something I was good at and really enjoyed doing.”

JUNIOR WILLIAMS, Actor and businessman
 “I actually wanted to become a pilot when I was growing up. It’s a long story, but I thought a career like that would have made me better off. I wanted a top-of-the-line career. I was good in school, but I wasn’t fortunate or come from a privileged background, so I didn’t get to explore certain things.”

DELUS, Recording artist
“Creativity is my thing, so anything in graphics and video editing. When I’m writing songs my imagination goes into overdrive and a lot of those same images will end up in my artwork. I will pay somebody to design my stuff and edit the videos for a more professional look, but it’s something I also enjoy doing. I like to see stuff coming alive in front of my eyes.”

NICOLE AIKEN-PINNOCK, Sunshine Girls skipper
“Because I like fashion so much, I always fantasized about operating my own clothing store. I like to dress up and I like when people, especially the ladies, look nice. So that’s where the vision came from. Fashion makes me happy; it gives you a different feeling. I haven’t given up on that dream. Maybe when I get rich enough I’ll finally be able to start that business.”

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