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REGINA’S HEART: The fierce beauty opens up about finding her soulmate, new career goals, and having the time of her life

THEY DO: Rasheed and Regina make it official up in the cool St. Andrew hills.

For almost a year the question on everybody’s lips was, Where is Regina Beavers? The answer: the lady was over in Florida enjoying a breath of fresh air and a change of pace and gearing up to make the decision of a lifetime – choosing to share her future with the man of her dreams. This past Sunday, at age 31, Regina Beavers officially became Regina McCallum during an intimate ceremony up in the hills (attended by her relatives and dearest friends), where she exchanged vows with longtime musician beau Rasheed, 29. Now, to say that Regina is having the time of her life would be an epic understatement. Rocking a bold new look to celebrate her new chapter – and settling into her cozy corner office at the Spartan Health & Fitness Club (she’s the new General Manager) – Mrs. McCallum is ready to tackle the questions we all want the answers to.

TALLAWAH: You’re a married woman now, Regina. What does this moment mean to you?  
Regina McCallum: It means that I’ve found my soulmate, my life partner. It feels good to know that you have somebody with you on this journey, by your side. My parents got divorced when I was three, so I didn’t get the experience of having married parents around the house giving me that example of what it’s like. But being married I have set no expectations. I want to take the spontaneous approach and be pleasantly surprised and just let things flow.

TALLAWAH: When you hear or recite ubiquitous phrases like “For better or worse” or “Til death do us part”, what is going through your mind?
Regina McCallum: I find those statements inspiring and comforting. It’s important to be there for someone that you deeply care about, in the best of times and in the worst of times. It’s just about life and the cycles of life, the ins and outs.

TALLAWAH: Did you initially want a big, go-tell-it-on-the-mountain type of wedding like Carrie Bradshaw or a small, intimate affair like Miranda Hobbes?
Regina McCallum: I always pictured something small and intimate. Maybe next year, for the first anniversary, we’ll do a big reception and invite everybody. Rasheed and I got married at my mom’s house up in the hills, and it was just with close friends and family. I wanted to focus on planning a marriage not a wedding. Too often, as women, we put too much emphasis on the look of the wedding and not on the lifelong commitment we are making to each other.

TALLAWAH: What makes the relationship between you and Rasheed work so well?
Regina McCallum: I would say we have a great balance and our connection is spiritual. It’s hard to describe. We’re best friends and we’re very open and free to be ourselves around each other. He’s calm and welcoming, and I’m very dynamic and full of energy. I think my dynamism is what attracts him. And we trust each other, which is crucial.

TALLAWAH: This is the Work & Careers Issue, so let’s talk a bit about your working life these days. You strike me as the kind of girl who is constantly coming up with new projects to challenge yourself, and now here you are as the newly installed General Manager at Spartan. But when does Regina get to spend time with Regina?
Regina McCallum: That’s a good question (Laughs). Honestly, I love projects. I love to create, and when I was away in Florida for those nine months, I wrote a lot of scripts, because that’s what I have a university degree in – Film & Television. It’s just who I am. I enjoy working and working hard. But I do unwind. When a project is finished, for instance, I’ll kick back and recharge and get ready to go again. I read, play games, and I like cooking and I enjoy getting some sleep.
TALLAWAH: Your creative expression camp for kids was such a novel idea. What’s next for it?  
Regina McCallum: We got a contract from the YB Afraid Foundation to work with the Pringles Home for Girls in St. Mary and we’ve also provided workshops for the Mt. Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester on and off. But in terms of the actual summer camp itself, for now it’s a case of wait and see. But we’ll always welcome the opportunity to work with at-risk youth.

TALLAWAH: So how has motherhood and this new matrimonial journey impacted your career goals? 
Regina McCallum: I think it’s all been aligned at the right time. I’m 31 now and happy to be where I am. My son Gio is turning nine this month, and he’s just so big and sweet. Rasheed and I are really looking forward to starting our own little family together soon. Everything is coming together perfectly. Being back at Spartan feels wonderful. I was Pageant Director in 2012, and I’ve been a part of the family from I was 17, when I won Miss Jamaica. It’s a great time, so I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to making my mark.

TALLAWAH: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you? 
Regina McCallum: The only thing I usually get is ‘But you’re not as fat as you look on TV!’ (Laughs). In terms of my personality, I’ve never heard anything that’s really troubled me. But people are entitled to their opinions. I just do me and keep positive people around me.

TALLAWAH: Have you met the new Miss Jamaicas, Sanneta and Sharlene?
Regina McCallum: I saw Sanneta just last week. I knew her before because she entered Miss UWI in 2012 and at the time we were doing scouting on campus. Shar-groovy was just here a few days ago for a presentation. They are both lovely girls. I am expecting great things from them locally and internationally. I welcome them to the family because we are all sisters. (Laughs).

TALLAWAH: Looking to the future, what do you want out of life? 
Regina McCallum: I feel like I already have what I want, but I want to have another child. I also see myself expanding career-wise with Spartan. I see myself entertaining family and friends at home. I want to grow but not by sacrificing happiness. I feel great. I feel like I’m in my prime.

"I feel like I already have what I want, but I want to have another child." 

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