Tuesday, 20 October 2015

FRESH TRACKS: Press play on new tunes from Junior Gong, Konshens, Keznamdi, and more

Over a pulsating, electro-infused beat, the new-school reggae star extols the benefits of rising to the occasion in the face of tough challenges. The mix of high energy and relatable subject matter he brings to the track, not to mention Kez’s assured delivery, wins you over and is sure to put pep in your step. A- [PLAY]

In the wake of seductive tracks like “No Hesitation” and his riff on Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” Mr. Spence is in the mood for some straight-talk no-chaser once again, ladies. On this subtle scorcher, the charismatic deejay explores the fine line between lust and longing. Though the result is a minor success, given his track record, the song connects as a cleverly penned ode to dangerous desire, sure to satisfy his diehard fans. B [PLAY]

Some human ‘connections’ bring pure, unadulterated bliss. The best, however, are simply “electric.” That’s the kind of feeling Riley and Goulding are singing about on this goosebumps-inducing track that’s been steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The vocals are lush, the production work is first-rate and the lyrics respectable. But it’s the song’s hair-raising video that’s bound to leave a lingering impression. B+ [PLAY]

“Fade Away”
You can say this for Romain Virgo: despite his young age, he consistently brings a wised-up perspective to message music that resonates. He explores familiar territory (betrayal, conscience, regret) on this melodic single that serves as a wonderful companion piece to earlier recordings like “I Know Better.” B+ [PLAY]

“The Message”
He’s teamed up with everyone from Bobby and Bruno to Gwen and Mariah to brother Stephen and Nas, and each collabo seems to reveal a fresh dimension to the Grammy winner’s lyrical prowess. Junior Gong’s latest, a wake-up-call about identity and socio-political realities, finds him trading rhymes with the Trini soca star, while empowering listeners with words of wisdom and personal responsibility. A- [PLAY]

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