Saturday, 17 October 2015

MAN TALK: Father Richard HoLung, Burchell Whiteman, and Courtney Walsh talk retirement and legacy

> HON. BURCHELL WHITEMAN on the golden years and future plans:
Even though I have retired fully from [public life], I still do a lot of voluntary work; being engaged with various different organizations. But the thing about retirement is that you feel more in control of your time. It’s satisfying to be doing things differently for a change and still make meaningful contributions, particularly to worthwhile community development projects. I have written a little book that I might publish. It’s not autobiographical. It includes a lot of reflection about my experiences from over the years.”

> AMBASSADOR COURTNEY WALSH on enjoying a change of pace:
“My life has changed significantly. But I like to stay busy. So since retiring from cricket I’ve been making my contribution in other areas. I try to serve as best as I can in whatever capacity I am asked to fill. I’ve written a book already; I might do another one later on down the line. But for right now, I’m just happy to be alive and to continue to contribute to national development, not just in sports.” 

> FATHER RICHARD HoLUNG on his recent Lifetime Achievement Award and what’s next:
“It gives you hope and encouragement to continue the work of serving. It’s a delight to know that God is being honoured in this way and the plight of the poor and needy continues to be recognized. We feel appreciated. More than ever, we are committed to moving forward with our plans for the advancement of the work of Missionaries of the Poor. In October, we’ll be opening a new home in East Timor, which will provide shelter for lepers and other persons in need of care and compassion.”

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