Thursday, 29 October 2015

THE BEST OF TOM HANKS: 5 Pivotal Roles We Love

In this month’s critically acclaimed espionage drama-thriller Bridge of Spies, Tom Hanks is up to his old tricks: turning in a powerful performance that leaves no doubt as to why he’s a two-time Best Actor honoree at the Academy Awards. Being huge fans of the Hollywood heavyweight, we dipped into the archives to reflect on five essential films that compellingly remind us why Tom Hanks remains in a league of his own. Below, our picks:

Starring opposite Sally Field, as the world’s adorkable misfit, Hanks won over audiences with likeability and a heart of gold, creating a stirring portrait of what it means to be different in the face of incredible odds.

CAST AWAY (2000) 
As a shipwrecked sailor fighting rough seas and the threat of mental illness – with only a beach ball (Wilson!) for companionship, this actor’s actor’s bravura turn gave new meaning to the idea of the solo adventure.

The Oscar winner’s convincing work as cryptologist and Harvard Professor Robert Langdon helped make a memorable hit out of this divisive film adaptation of the Dan Brown bestseller.

Hanks turned in robust work as the titular captain whose heavy-laden cargo ship gets hijacked by vicious Somali pirates. What plays out is an explosive tug-o-war between life and death. Gripping. 

Working alongside Denzel Washington, Hanks gave what became his first Academy Award-winning performance, playing a gay man whose moving story touches on the scourge of AIDS, human rights, dignity and common decency. It’s a must-see. 

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