Friday, 13 November 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Horace Dalley looks ahead + Oral Tracey hails The Captain + Crime Stop at 25, and more

“We have to recognize that we have had challenges and continue to have challenges in our health sector. No one can deny that there are challenges. But with a small spend relative to others. And what we have as outcomes, we have to recognize that we have done reasonably well. I believe that what we have done is good for Jamaica, and it is time that we politicians come to the point where we recognize that our task is to do what is good for Jamaica.” – Embattled MP Dr. Fenton Ferguson reflecting on his tenure as Minister of Health, in the wake of his exit from office amidst scandal

“I am not saying for one moment that Captain [Burrell] is indispensable of that no one else can manage the affairs of Jamaica’s football. But all things considered – his experience, track record, reputation and stature, locally and internationally – Captain Burrell is still the candidate to lead our football.” – Sports analyst Oral Tracey commenting on the recent leadership challenge against the JFF President that failed to gain momentum

“Our standing in the region has not diminished. Other [Caribbean territories] also want to develop and, Antigua in particular, have looked to the Jamaican model and are building. These teams want to be like us or even better than us, and that is good for us because it’s a push. You can’t expect a Haiti or Trinidad & Tobago to sit on their laurels because they are up against Jamaica.” – The JFF’s head of security and board member Robert Finzi-Smith defending the administration’s efforts to raise the standard of football that Jamaica is known for

“We are very proud of the fact that for the last 25 years, the identity of every single ‘tipster’ has been protected, and their information has never been compromised. We hope that having achieved this milestone in our history, we can now go forward with confidence, providing tips that make us feel safer as citizens in our own country.” – Chairman of Crime Stop, Major General Robert Neish, reflecting on the agency’s achievements in the fight against crime after 25 years and counting

“I will be taking decisions to immediately implement some of the recommendations of the audit report that I think can be done right now. I will looking at the hospitals themselves because having read the audit report, I have come to the conclusion that there is a breakdown in communication that will have to be addressed immediately.” – Newly appointed Minister of Health, Horace Dalley, on the mission ahead to bring about positive changes in the local health sector

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