Friday, 6 November 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Peter Blake breaks his silence + Prof. Trevor McCartney speaks out + Grace Jones looks back, and more

“The book came about because I got a bit scared that some other people would do it… the result of someone not doing so well and wanting some money. I just got a feeling that this was going to happen. So in collaboration with Paul Morley, my ghost writer who understands me, we started recording conversations.” – Pop icon Grace Jones on the impetus behind her New York Times bestselling autobiography, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs

“The objective of [Medicanja Jamaica Limited] is taking the product from being culturally significant with unpredictable outcomes to a medicinal product that has predictable results. These are remarkable products that have a marked impact on people’s lives. We’re not going to be on the cultural aisle; we will be on international shelves sitting right beside Tylenol and Ibuprofen.” – Medicanja CEO Patrick Casserly on the company’s plan to get six of its medical marijuana products to market by year-end

“One of the rumours that have going around for years is that I am this drug kingpin. Another rumour is that I have been involved in dismembering persons abroad. And that I have been in prison. I am Neil Peter Blake. I am none of those [things], and from now on that is how I want to be referred to.” – MP hopeful for East Rural St. Andrew Peter Blake reporting that he’s been cleared by the PNP’s Integrity Commission, with regards to his character and personal history

“The production, delivery and ongoing advance of what we call West Indies cricket was outgrown the governance and administrative systems by which it has been delivered, with some modifications since the 1920s. Hence, if West Indies cricket is to realize its true potential as a dynamic and financially lucrative service export sector, capable of restoring the pride of the Caribbean people and fostering their greater sense of togetherness, then the difficult decisions to modernize its governance arrangements must be taken without delay.” – The Independent Review Panel of Caricom’s Sub-Committee on Cricket Governance, recommending that the current West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) be disbanded and an interim committee installed to run the affairs of cricket in the region

“We didn’t lose 12 babies as is being reported in the media. Unfortunately, we lost eight babies, and once again, I would like to express my condolences to the families. This is one of the reasons why I sought to clear that air because there has been a total misperception, or misinformation, being spread around. I will admit that we could have had stronger monitoring to ensure that the proper guidelines were adhered to. But we must remember this was by no means the first and it will not be the last.” – Former Chief Medical Officer at the University Hospital Prof. Trevor McCartney addressing his resignation in the wake of a scandal over the death of several premature babies at the hospital

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