Friday, 4 December 2015

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Ruel Reid on JC’s fighting spirit + Daryl Vaz remembers Monsignor Richard Albert + Barbara Gloudon challenges local journalists

“The last thing he said to me before going into the hospital was that he was sorry he was not going to be able to do the mass for me. That was the calibre of the man – always thinking about others. And the truth of the matter is that as much as he did for the inner-city (communities) through the St. Patrick’s Foundation and through the church, he did just as much for a lot of individuals in this country. Many corporations have not even scratched the surface of what he has done for this country, in terms of his work but, more than anything else, his spirit.” – Politician Daryl Vaz remembering esteemed Roman Catholic priest and good friend Monsignor Richard Albert, who died at hospital earlier this week

“It is a serious time for our music and there are causes for concern and [reason] to be optimistic. The players who really love this music and want to see it do well are encouraged to look at what the realities are and take some serious action. And this album is a tool in that process.” – Top-flight deejay Jeffrey ‘Agent Sasco’ Campbell whose latest full-length CD (the all-reggae effort, The Theory of Reggaetivity) is due out before year-end

“This is a great story of character. When something happens and you fall down, you brush yourself off, reflect, assess, and you come out again victorious. We are a great school and a great team, but the defeat in the Super Cup was quite heart-rending. I had to meet with the entire school population to calm them and to assure them that it is not the end of the road and we will rise again.” – Jamaica College principal Ruel Reid on the sweet taste of victory that accompanied last Saturday’s triumph in the final of the Manning Cup

“CARICOM has no legal authority to interfere with the running of the West Indies Cricket Board or its existence. However, as the representative of the elected governments of the region, and in the interest of the people, it has a moral responsibility to intervene and to help solve problems, especially something as important as the region’s cricket. It is as simple as that, and not even the International Cricket Council can prevent it from doing so.” – Veteran sports journalist Tony Becca addressing recent rumblings between CARICOM and the WICB head Dave Cameron

“If this country is to move forward, we have to trust each other, and the media is part of that process of which that trust is brought forward and kept going. More than ever we have to maintain those ethics because with the machinery there to get things done very quickly, very often the temptation is to settle for what you can find and the first thing you grab. But what we need to do is dig deep in order to maintain the quality and balance.” – Special Lifetime Achievement Award honoree at the National Journalism Awards, Barbara Gloudon, challenging Jamaica’s new generation of media professional

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