Saturday, 19 December 2015

SOUND BYTES OF THE WEEK: Lady Saw finds peace + Fraser-Pryce savours the taste of success + Dr. Peter Phillips talks agri growth

“I have realized there is a place in Heaven for me, even though I have a past that was not clean, even though I was vulgar, even though I did bad things onstage. God has told me that this project will be bigger than me. God shall make me wins souls for him. I am honoured to be part of God’s flock. I used to be ashamed to call his name in the crowd, but now I am proud to call his name.” – Dancehall queenpin Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall setting the record straight on her recent decision to get baptized and become a Christian

“We are world leaders in electoral reform. We must safeguard this achievement, this significant milestone. We are politically mature as a country and therefore politically-related violence must have no place in the continued modernization of our democracy and electoral system. We urge interest groups and civil society to take a stand.” – Chair of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), Dorothy Pine-McClarty, speaking on Jamaica’s history of electoral reform

“The strength of the media house was not determined by the fact that the audiences couldn’t talk back as much as they can talk back now, but by the fact that they were truthful and credible for a long period of time. And that remains fundamental now. It’s just that the audience now is being a lot more engaged.” – Newspaper columnist Claude Robinson addressing a recent editor’s forum at The Gleaner Company on journalism in the age of the social media juggernaut

“Winning the JAAA Golden Cleats Awards, it’s a wonderful feeling for me. It shows had work and just being committed to what I set out to do in the year and being able to accomplish that –and being rewarded for that accomplishment – is wonderful. I plan to continue representing Jamaica to the max.” – Relentless achiever and reigning sprint queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in response to being named Female Athlete of the Year at the 2015 Golden Cleats Awards in Kingston

“The problem with agriculture is that our production systems have been archaic. Too many of our farmers have been operating on production systems which would be easily recognizable if you came from the 19th century. You cannot produce efficiently that way. So a challenge going forward is to address some of the fundamentals of a modern agricultural arrangement, not just for a couple of export crops but the entire gamut of crops.” – Finance & Planning minister Dr. Peter Phillipps speaking at a recent discussion on the state of the economy in Montego Bay, St. James

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