Monday, 1 February 2016

MAN TALK: Ewan Simpson seeks inspiration + Ronald Jackson strikes a balance + Ronnie Thwaites makes personal changes

> How do you strike a balance between career/work and family/social life? 
“A large part of my job is about empowering people and providing them with direction, and that allows you to create the space in which you can at least find some time for yourself and your family. And also for breathing. And if you don’t do that, you can’t devote the energy and time needed for the work. So that’s what I do. A job like mine doesn’t necessarily become easier. Over time you become a master of the subject, but there are elements that always remain a challenge. Managing people will always be a challenge. Managing in the face of limited resources is also going to be a challenge. And then no matter what you say about it, obviously you also have to understand the political side of the job and how to navigate it.” – Barbados-based Ronald Jackson, Executive Director CDEMA 

> Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? 
“Yes, I did. I’ve made some major changes, in terms of how I spend my time, which is basically to be better organized and to create priorities. I’m also trying to be a bit more compassionate and to listen more when others speak.” – Rev. Ronald Thwaites, Minister of Education 

> How and where do you find inspiration? 
“You get your inspiration from different things and different experiences, and because I work in different contexts, I clear my head from one context to the next so I don’t get bored and bogged down by the drudgery of any single one. In the context of doing music for dance theatre, it’s easy because you think about the messages you want to send, the pictures you want to create, and you draw the inspiration from everyday lie. In pop music, I get my inspiration from the general struggles of everyday life and the kind of hope and upfulness that you want to look forward to. So there are many different sources from which you can [draw] inspiration that you really ought not to get bored. There ought not to be a shortage of moments to inspire you in one way or the other.” – Ewan Simpson, attorney-at-law and Musical Director (The National Dance Theatre Company

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