Tuesday, 2 February 2016

ON THE BALL: Netball Jamaica boss Paula Daley-Morris brings a vision of growth and development for the sport nationally (PART 2)

PLAY MAKERS: Daley-Morris (right), sharing a moment with Marva Bernard (left) and Molly Rhone.

For the record, Maureen Hall has some sound advice for Daley-Morris. “My advice to her is, ‘Understand what your strengths are; know what your weaknesses are. Use people who can assist you with your weaknesses’,” Hall says. “Understand that it’s not a one-man show; you can’t do it alone. And surround yourself with people who are not necessarily going to say yes to everything, but people who have a comprehensive understanding of the sport and all that it entails.”

Daley-Morris, who prides herself on having an “open-door policy”, says she intends to seek out new opportunities to grow the sport and the association. “The overwhelming support I have been receiving from volunteers and sponsors make the job much easier, and I’m thankful,” she says. “I feel the love. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in netball so long. I have people calling me volunteering. Wonderful people all wanting to help. The sponsors are on board. So I feel welcomed.”

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She’s a nurturer: “I don’t consider myself an authoritarian leader. I provide guidance. And I can be very enabling.” Just ask her two girls – ages 19 and 26.

She’s a humanitarian: “I love people. Not race, not gender, just people. It’s a dream of mine to work with UNESCO as a volunteer, using my skills to help the less fortunate.”

She’s an avid traveller: “You should ask me where I haven’t gone. (Laughs). When I retire I really want to see the rest of the world, especially Egypt. I’m saving towards it.”

She’s into wellness: “I spend at least two hours in the gym every day. I enjoy soca. I love dancing. I used to dance, but it wasn’t my calling.”

She has the ‘ant syndrome’: “I have a very structured life, and when I find myself with free time I get anxious. I’m one of those persons who have to be occupied at all times. If I’m at home bored, I sew.”

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