Monday, 7 March 2016

SAKINA PART II: The actress talks parenting, the simple life, and the college degree that got away

DOUBLE TAKE: “I live a very simple life,” shares the actress, who turns 32 this year.

In Part One of our cover exclusive with Sakina Deer, the award-winning actress and single mom spoke at length about the life artistic and her ongoing evolution. In Part Two, we hear about the college degree that got away, being a first-time parent, and what truly makes her happy.

On single motherhood:
“I get so much joy out of [Sonja] that I don’t think of it as being a single mom. The father and I co-parent well, so she has both parents around, which is important to me.”

On putting her academics on pause:
“I think a field like Medical Technology is now obsolete, so I do not regret not completing the degree. But I do regret not having a degree in something because the acting industry can be very fickle. I do hope that I will continue having a good career, because this is my passion, and that’s what I choose to focus on.”

On what relaxes her:
“I enjoy sleeping, but right now sleep is rationed in my life (Laughs). I love books; my Kindle is my best friend. I take it everywhere with me. I watch a lot of Netflix as well – Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and The Good Wife are some of my favourite shows. For me, relaxation means a good book, food, and something fun and interesting to watch.”

On learning on the job:
“I mostly get my info from books and watching movies and studying the actors. Here at Centrestage, Patrick Brown and Trevor Nairne insist on the best from you at all times. We have our disagreements, but it’s mainly about the work, and then we get over it and move on. We’re not just doing a show; we’re a family.”

On her happiness:
“My daughter is my main source of happiness. Just knowing that she is there and going home to her after a long day at work is the greatest feeling. I live a very simple life. I will go out every once in a while, but I’m not a partyer, and I’m comfortable like that.”

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