Saturday, 7 May 2016

FRESH TRACKS: From rhythmic reggae to melodic R&B, these new tunes hit the spot

> PETER LLOYD – “Pure Love”
Some male singer-songwriters seem extremely in tune with what women think and want to hear. Count veteran reggae-soul crooner Peter Lloyd among that set. On this heartfelt, beautifully written tune, buoyed by a slow-burning, rhythmic groove, Lloyd puts forward a compelling case for why its way more rewarding to be a lover and not a fighter. B+

> CHOZENN feat. Alicia Taylor - “Rising”
 “With Christ in the vessel you can smile at the storm.” Singjay Chozenn reminds us of this invigorating nugget on this melodic track that dually provokes thought and lifts the spirit, as it speaks to the art of rising above adversity and detractors. On-the-rise songbird Alicia Taylor (a former Thespy nominee and School of Drama grad) supplies the hook that helps make this ideal for Sunday afternoon radio. B+

> SANJAY feat. Shelly Belly – “Chip Chop”
No matter how you put it, go-getters always need that extra push when it comes to “hustling the paper” and working towards certain goals. Making like a pair of experts in the field, Sanjay (TV host and part-time deejay) and Shelly Belly spar over a spiky beat while riffing on tried-and-proven strategies for reaping success. B

> ALICIA KEYS – “In Common”
Like Adele, bare-bones honesty is one of Alicia Keys’ strong suits as an artist. Playing the conflicted lover (“We have way too much in common”), she reaches out to her paramour on this mid-tempo heatseeker whose frisky beat lends the track a hypnotic energy. The song’s core appeal, however, lies in Keys signature mix of emotional intelligence and sturdy vocals. B+

> LUKAS GRAHAM “7 Years” 
Poignant, brooding, evocative. Graham’s Top-10 hit, has all the requisite qualities to rule adult contemporary radio. Laden with nostalgic flashbacks and sublime storytelling, the catchy song highlights a promising talent that deserves to be better known. A- 

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