Tuesday, 31 May 2016

IN LIVING COLOUR: CTPC rebrands cable channel as JamVision to celebrate our island culture and history

PRESS PLAY: The channel will feature long-running programmes like the audience favourite Hill an' Gully Ride.

Since 1984, the Creative Production and Training Centre has been a shining beacon dedicated to showcasing a unified Jamaica, populated by people immensely proud of the island’s culture, history and traditions, grounded in the knowledge of their history and achievements. Three decades later, the CPTC is poised to take its mission one rung higher, thanks to the rebranding of its popular cable channel Creative Television (CTV), Jamaica’s longest-running cable channel (recognized by researchers as the island’s number one choice as arts and culture), as JamVision.

Representatives from the culture ministry, the local arts community and the media fraternity gathered inside the agency’s large TV studio on Thursday to bear witness to JamVision’s official launch. 

According to the CPTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Chantal Hylton-Tonnes, the rebranding reinforces the channel’s focus on Brand Jamaica and the Vision 2030 dream for a greater Jamaica. “Those of us who toil in the culture sector know that the intangible essence of any nation’s development is its people,” she notes. “A people proud and confident, grounded in the knowledge of their history, culture and achievements is a people empowered to take charge of their destiny. So the purpose of the CPTC and the cable channel JamVision is to tell those stories, 24 hours a day. We will hold a mirror up to show and celebrate our culture and history.’

Providing programmes to all free-to-air and cable platforms that are interested in broadcasting the content, JamVision will carry largely General Viewing and PG-related programmes, adhering to a strict policy in regard to appropriate, viewer-friendly content. JamVision will air on Flow Legacy channel 116, Digicel Play channel 18, Flow AVS channel 106 and on cptcjamaica.com/jamvision. 

The channel’s content will also be distributed to schools, the hospitality industry and the commerce sector. And the ultimate outlook is global. Says Hylton-Tonnes, “We are currently in talks with Caribbean, US and UK platforms who expressed strong interest in carrying our content.”

For her part, culture and entertainment minister, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange sees the arrival of JamVision as a means of bolstering national pride and patriotism and promote Jamaica’s international and transnational image, strengthening Brand Jamaica. 

“The launch of JamVision is strategic on a number of fronts. It will take its place alongside Jamaican media platforms through which our citizens at home and those out there in the Diaspora will be able to access images of ourselves that present the very best of who we are, for our own consumption and ultimate pride,” she notes. “This is a powerful expression of how vision and policy, and through determination and industry, bring success and prosperity to the people of our country.”

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